Add Value to Your Home with a Fire Pit

by cuttingadmin, December 29, 2016

fire pit

Imagine sitting outside surrounded by your friends and family on a cool Arizona winter night, gazing up at the stars, embraced by the warmth of a crackling fire. Now imagine enjoying this picturesque evening in the comfort of your own backyard. There are many benefits that stem from adding a quality built fire pit to your outdoor living space including the opportunity to enjoy the seasons a little longer.

A fire pit allows you to enjoy the outdoors longer in the winter, sooner in the spring when the sun stays out longer but there is still a chill in the air, and also allows you to continue your summer as summer turns into fall. Best of all, fire pits add value to your home by creating a gathering place for friends and family; a place where memories can be made.

When planning the addition of a fire pit there are, however, several things you should first take into consideration including budget, location, size, and ambiance.

Budget: At Cutting Edge Curbing, we offer fire pit kits in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors, designed to fit any budget. These kits are easy to install (they are do-it-yourself friendly), and can be constructed as a permanent fixture using an adhesive or cement, or broken down for easy storage.

Location: A well-laid out backyard is key to achieving the feeling of “urban camping.” When deciding on location, avoid constructing your new fire pit within close proximity to anything that may be flammable such as trees and gazebos, and keep it a safe distance away from your home and fencing.

Ambiance: Lastly, to maximize the cozy atmosphere that a fire pit can provide, other elements such as seating should be considered. Built-in seating, using block or other decorative wall materials, is a great catalyst for good conservation. We have a large selection of hardscape materials that can help make your dreams of the perfect outdoor living space a reality.

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