Parking Lot Curbing Benefits

by cuttingadmin, November 28, 2016

They’re the first thing visitors see when approaching your office, which makes maintaining your parking lot curbing key to ensuring a long-lasting partnership with your customers, vendors and associates. Clean, well-designed parking lot curbing provides numerous other benefits as well, including; increasing curb appeal, ensuring the safety of your visitors, and adding property value – all at an affordable price.

If your existing parking lot curbing is outdated, cracked or damaged, you may want to consider replacing it in a timely manner. Damaged curbing is not only an eyesore, it is also quite dangerous, as it often causes visitors to trip and/or damage their vehicles’ tires. Save yourself the trouble; contact Cutting Edge Curbing today at (602) 353-1020 or visit our website.

At Cutting Edge Curbing, we believe an informed client is a knowledgeable client, which is why we are dedicating this month’s blog to providing you with details on updating your parking lot curbing. You will find a wealth of information on material choices and colors. Our unique, extruded concrete border, curbing will add durability and value to any commercial parking lot and residential landscaping project.

Parking Lot Curbing Color Choices

parking lot curbing

Cutting Edge Curbing uses the standard colors for concrete curbing; Davis Colors. Through years of experience we have selected the top sixteen colors – shown above – that will believe will ensure your project turns out as expected. Please note, however, that different materials (e.g., sand, cement, rock, etc.) may alter the finished product.

Available Specifications

parking lot curbing

Please note that 6″ x 10″ curbing is only available for commercial projects. For both commercial and residential projects, we offer curbing that can be installed around sod, trees and flowers. We can also build commercial medians. Rebar is required for some projects depending on the size of the curbing you want (this is available at an additional cost.)

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