Spring Landscaping Checklist

by cuttingadmin, March 23, 2017

spring landscaping checklist

Now that spring is here, and temperatures are rising, gardening and landscaping is on most people’s minds. Creating outdoor living spaces, adding pops of color, and/or whimsical pathways increases your home’s curb appeal like no other home improvement project. Here are four tips for getting your spring landscaping in tip-top shape before summer and the Valley of the Sun’s triple-digit temperatures arrive.

Prep Work

Spring is the perfect time to rid your lawn of twigs, leaves, needles, and other debris. You can use a rake or leaf blower. In addition to giving your landscaping a neat and tidy appearance, cleaning the area of debris makes it safer to use your lawn mower, and allows you to identify any areas of your lawn that look thin and patchy. To ensure a lush, green lawn, you’ll want to seed those areas.

Control Weeds

After the rain, we experienced during the last weeks of winter, weeds can be seen in most every neighborhood. If possible, kill weeds at their roots but the leave the soil and dormant weeds largely undisturbed, unless you want to be battling them all season long. Seal them in a plastic bag and dispose of them properly. If you compost, you do not want to compost weeds, as they and their seeds can lie dormant for years.

Add Fresh Mulch

Layer your garden with a generous amount of fresh mulch. You want to use chipped bark, wood chips, or another natural mulch product. Mulch not only beautifies your yard, but also helps to protect your plants, keep insects at bay, discourage weeds, and reduce watering. As mulch decomposes, it adds organic matter to the soil, essentially nourishing your plants. It is usually a cost-effective way to brighten up an area.

Repair Uneven Pavers

Chances are, you haven’t given your patio, driveway or walkway pavers a second thought since the day they were installed. Pavers can become damaged or uneven when temperatures rapidly change or there was a lot of rain. Both of which are not foreign to Arizona homeowners. Fix by lifting the paver and placing additional gravel or dirt to level the area. If damaged, replace with new material.

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