Cozy Up Your Front Yard for Fall

by cuttingadmin, October 23, 2017

cozy up your front yard

Autumn is one time of the year when decorating outdoors is just as important as it is inside to help you make the most of what nature already has on display. There’s no limit to the number of fall decorating ideas you can come up with for your Arizona home. Here are just some ideas to cozy up your front yard for the fall and winter seasons.

Decorate Your Porch

Adorning your front porch with seasonal favorites that include pumpkins, hay bales, mums in rustic wooden baskets, and stalks of corn can make your home seem very welcoming. Vary the sizes of these items for a natural look. You can also place some mini gourds on ledges to help put a seasonal spin on traditional window boxes. Hang a wreath with a few colorful strands of autumn leaves or pinecones on your front door. Fall decorating should also include lining the walkway with some natural elements.

Utilize the Leaves

Don’t be afraid to embrace autumn leaves. Those red, orange and yellow hued leaves, make the perfect addition to the compost pile. After you’ve raked and composted the leaves, they can be used as an organic mulch in flower beds, vegetable gardens, under trees and shrubs or in container gardens. Simply apply a 2- to 3- inch layer of composted leaves to the beds. Mulch retains moisture from the soil, stays cool, and suppresses weeds. Autumn leaves also add nutrients to the soil as they break down.

Illuminate Your Yard

As the days get shorter and the nights longer, a need for lighting is created. If your outdoor lighting is currently limited, you’ll want to consider adding some solar, LED or motion activated lights around both your sidewalk and entryway. Don’t forget to add lighting to your backyard, as well. In between each one, place a few small gourds, a small pumpkin or colorful mums. This is an excellent way to welcome fall visitors and trick-or-treaters.

Add a Paved Walkway

If you’re planning on redoing your outdoor walkway this fall, the durability and low maintenance of locally produced, concrete pavers make them a great choice. Pavers will add natural curb appeal to your home and landscape. Concrete pavers are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to accommodate most any outdoor project, including patios, walkways, driveways, and more.