How to Design a Low Maintenance Landscape

How to Design a Low Maintenance Landscape

by cuttingadmin, December 28, 2017


Less is more.

~ Ludwig Mies van der Rohe ~

Minimalist landscaping is all about space and how it is used. Following the current trend for minimalism, it tends to combine a simple, restricted design with more traditional materials. Practically, minimalist landscaping is both low maintenance, and perfect for city dwellers with small yards. It is also perfect for the eco-conscious.

Consider these ideas when designing a low maintenance landscape.

Set Boundaries

Living fences constructed of shrubbery, trees or flowering bushes are an attractive, and environmentally friendly option for setting boundaries. Other, nonliving options, include stone or concrete walls. We have also seen fences created using river rock and gabion. Any of these options can provide adequate privacy depending on installed or grown height and length. They are also excellent for creating texture.

Limit Materials

Limiting the number of hardscaping materials, as well as colors, is important for achieving this look. All materials should be chosen and installed with skill. For example, you can combine warm gray pavers with darker gray furniture, and planted containers to create an atmosphere that is both clean and inviting. This attention to detail can make designing a low maintenance landscape easier than you might think.

Use Native Grasses and Plants

Today’s homeowners are changing their approach to landscaping due in part to drought, water shortages, and other environmental concerns. Native plants and grasses – those that grow naturally in a region where they evolved – require far less water, saving time, and money. In addition, once their established, native plants and grasses are generally low maintenance. They just make sense in a minimalist landscaping design.

Consider Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is a creative landscaping design that reduces the need for irrigation. This method combines drought-resistant plants with rocks for a low maintenance landscape; perfect for Phoenix area homes. Some excellent plant choices include Chihuahuan Sage, Red Yucca, Parry Agave, and Desert Spoon. Because these plants are native to Arizona, they are widely available to purchase. You can also incorporate natural stone, such as flagstone, into xeriscaping for a more modern look.