Round Up: Easter Egg Hunt Ideas to Try

Round Up: Easter Egg Hunt Ideas to Try

by cuttingadmin, March 26, 2018


Planning on celebrating Easter? Then you’ll likely be decorating eggs and embarking on an egg hunt. The latter can be traditional or creative using the following ideas or your imagination. You may even be gifting baskets filled with items for springtime fun, such as sidewalk chalk, bubble wands and more to the kids. The baskets can then double as collection vessels for all the eggs they, and you, are sure to find out in the yard.

Here are some creative Easter egg hunt ideas your family could try.

Leave a Bunny Trail

Source: Smart Schoolhouse

What kid wouldn’t like embarking on an egg hunt guided by the Easter Bunny himself? To create a bunny trail, you’ll need scissors, a disposable aluminum pan and some flour. Place “bunny tracks” in a directional path down your paved patio and pathway that lead the kids in the right direction; towards the eggs.

April Fools’ Day Hunt

Source: Hip2Save

This one is great for older kids and adults who appreciate a good prank. Placing some joke eggs (e.g., super-glued shut or filled with monopoly money) among the real ones is sure to produce a few giggles. This hunt idea is especially fitting this year as Easter just so happens to fall on April Fools’ Day.

Burn Off that Extra Energy

Source: Alice & Lois

Fact: Kids have a lot of energy to burn. Craft an egg hunt that will get them moving and shaking by hiding eggs with instructions for little activities among the eggs filled with small toys or candy. Kids can jump on one leg, hop like a bunny, do a few jumping jacks, touch their toes, etc. to burn off their extra energy.

Make a Scavenger Hunt

Source: Martha Stewart

Place clues in plastic eggs marked with numbers 1 through 10 – you can use as many eggs as you’d like. The last egg should contain the final clue as to where the kids should visit to find their basket of treats. If your kids are older, you can incorporate a pirate theme, using gold eggs and fun little riddles.