Popular Landscape Edging Products

Popular Landscape Edging Products

by cuttingadmin, November 1, 2018

Landscape edging is often overlooked, but should be considered necessary, especially if your goal is to design low maintenance planting beds. Landscape edging paves the way for the creation of well-defined lines. These distinct lines provide for a professionally manicured, finished appearance, lending to a functional and aesthetically pleasing yard.

What is Landscape Edging?

Landscape edging is a barrier inserted between your grass, rock beds, or garden areas. It prevents grass seed and weeds from invading other areas of your yard. It also helps to keep mulch from spilling over onto the grass. Popular edging products include brick pavers, wall blocks, and concrete curbing.

Concrete Curbing

concrete curbing


Concrete curbing is ideal for landscapes. Installed onsite, concrete curbing can be molded into a variety of shapes and curves, then finished in one of sixteen colors. Choose a shade that will compliment your home’s architecture. It can also be stenciled or stamped. Concrete curbing is a permanent accent that will not rust, decompose or move, making it one of the most effective products for landscape edging.

Wall Blocks

Wedge-shaped concrete blocks are great for designing gentle curves. For best results, a small trench should be dug, ensuring the blocks are laid into the ground. Stack as high as you’d like. This type of product can also be used in the construction of raised garden beds or retaining walls. Seating can be made by topping concrete wall blocks with natural stone like flagstone or travertine.



Concrete pavers are great for straight-line or curved areas. They are produced locally to ensure their longevity in the desert climate. Like wall blocks, pavers should be installed a few feet into the ground, as opposed to being laid or stacked on top of the soil. This type of landscape edging comes in a wide range of colors such as camel, brown, peach, and beige. You can also find pavers that blend several colors into one.

What Other Materials are Available?

Several other materials can be used for edging as well. These products include plastic or metal edging, treated wood, railroad ties, and natural stones. Gabion is also available. Boulders can be incorporated into most any design for a natural look. Outdoor rope lighting strips or path lights can be used to illuminate your yard during the evening hours. There is really no limit of options available for landscaping.

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