5 Backyard Landscaping Ideas That Will Get You Outside

5 Backyard Landscaping Ideas That Will Get You Outside

by cuttingadmin, May 23, 2019

The valley’s recent cooler weather is a nice respite from the scorching summer sun. The outdoors is undeniably beckoning! Many people are taking advantage of Arizona’s unusual weather by hiking, biking, and spending time in their own backyard landscaping. Any activities that involve being outside are incredibly beneficial for you as well. It has been scientifically proven to be so good for your mental and physical well-being that many physicians are now prescribing 20-minute nature sessions.

Here are five backyard landscaping ideas that are sure to get you outside.

Plant Drought-Tolerant Perennials

One of the simplest methods for creating interest is to plant drought-tolerant perennials such as sage, penstemon, or marigolds. Perennials are reliable performers that grow back year after year to add splashes of color to your landscape. Succulents and shrubs are also ideal. Make sure that your plants are properly cared for by using drip irrigation and keeping them deeply mulched. Organic mulches are generally preferred, as they decompose over time, returning nutrients to the soil.

Improve Ambiance with Lighting

Light, whether natural or artificial, tends to improve mood. Add spotlights on trees, hanging lanterns or outdoor string lights to give your backyard a pleasant ambiance. You can also opt for outdoor ceiling fans with light kits. These are an excellent option for cooling your patio on hot summer days. Invest in fixtures that have a UL rating to ensure safe and durable installation. You can find outdoor lighting fixtures at most any home improvement store as well as online.

Install a Paver Pathway That Grows

A pathway is functional as well as stylish. While many different materials can be used, concrete pavers are one of the most versatile, durable and attractive options available. Spacing pavers apart lets you grow grass or ground cover between them. Alternatively, you can opt for Turfstone pavers, which feature a honeycomb design to allow greenery to grow through the openings. These pavers can also help solve any soil erosion issues. Either way, set pavers into the ground, ensuring you’re able to safely mow over them.

Put in a Small Pond with Waterfall

Installing a small pond with a running waterfall (helps avoid stagnant water) among the plants and any other hardscapes can provide tranquility in your backyard. You’ll want to choose a site that gets plenty of sun in the afternoon. Pond liners come in a variety of sizes and you can fill the bottom with your choice of landscape rock. The waterfall can be built using natural stone or boulders. There are tons of great tutorials on Pinterest and online for completing this project yourself.

Design an Outdoor Kitchen for Entertaining

If you love cooking but hate heating up your kitchen, you may want to consider an outdoor kitchen, complete with your choice of bells and whistles. Design with your culinary and lifestyle preferences for maximum benefit. We’ve seen outdoor kitchens with everything from pizza ovens to dishwashers. Outdoor TVs can also be installed. You can even choose from a variety of hardscape materials.

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