Let’s Talk Pool Lanscaping

Let’s Talk Pool Lanscaping

by cuttingadmin, July 1, 2019

Transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis with these pool landscaping ideas. Other ideas not included below that are incredibly popular include swim up bars, outdoor kitchens, sunken pergolas, rock water slides or grottos, and so much more. Browsing Pinterest is a great idea for finding inspiration.

Here are 5 ideas for pool landscaping.


There are several benefits to using rocks in your pool landscaping including cutting down on maintenance, adding a natural element, and conserving water. For a tropical look, add landscape curbing between your pool and fence line, with sporadically placed boulders installed. Fill in the area with your choice of rock or gravel, native ground covers, or decorative succulents. Landscaping rock is available in various sizes and colors.


Bring your pool area to life with plants, trees, and shrubs. The best plants are those that are native to Arizona, easily maintainable, and don’t attract bees or wasps. Also avoid plants that frequently drop leaves and debris into your pool. The Arizona Municipal Water Users Association (AMWUA) offers a list of pool-friendly plants. Turn your pool area into a private oasis by planting palm trees around its perimeter.


Create ambiance by adding lighting to your pool surroundings. Along with being an excellent safety measure, lighting also allows you to use your pool and outdoor living spaces, long after the sun goes down. Light up your backyard efficiently by purchasing either solar powered or low-voltage fixtures. Strategically install pathway lights, spotlights, or faux rock lights around your pool.


Artfully positioned pavers or flagstone can direct everyone to the water. A walkway may also cut down on the amount of debris (e.g., sand, grass, dirt, etc.) that enters the pool. Flagstone can be used to create a stepping stone pathway, whereas, pavers can be used in a wide range of designs. You can find these materials in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that are sure to compliment your home’s exterior.

Shade Structures

In the Valley of the Sun, finding shade is important for protecting yourself and your family from UV exposure, along with staying cool when simply lounging by the pool. Pergolas, ramadas, and other shade structures can be built in a range of shapes and sizes using wood, concrete, brick or metal to accommodate any size yard. Paint or stain to compliment your home’s architecture.

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