Get Rocking with These Desert Landscape Ideas

Get Rocking with These Desert Landscape Ideas

by cuttingadmin, September 5, 2019

The desert is characterized by heat, sand, and lots of cacti. The Sonoran Desert is, in fact, the only natural habitat for saguaros. These majestic giants can grow to be 40 feet tall. Landscaping in Arizona presents several unique challenges, including limited rainfall and triple-digit temperatures, from May through September though.

Overcoming these difficulties is easy when you incorporate native flora, landscaping rocks, and hardscaping elements into your yard. These materials are suited to natural conditions and are drought-tolerant. Conserving outdoor water use is essential, especially in the absence of monsoon season. Look at the surrounding landscape for inspiration.

There is no shortage of desert landscape ideas when you include landscape rocks or boulders in the design of your yard. Landscaping with boulders or rocks can elevate flower beds, landscape curbing, pool decking, and even pathways. They are available at your local landscaping supply store. When choosing between colors and sizes, it’s a good idea to take your cue from your home’s architecture and the adjoining panorama.

Here are a few desert landscape ideas in which you can use landscape rocks and boulders.

Divide Your Yard with Curbing & Boulders

If you desire a decorative, but clean look in your backyard, concrete landscape curbing is a necessity. These curbs are ideal for dividing your yard into a series of functional zones. They can be used to create a distinction between your garden beds, paver patio, outdoor fireplace, or concrete walkway. Strategically integrating landscape boulders in various sizes can further boost the appeal of curbing.

Replace Mulch with Rocks

There are two broad categories of mulch: organic and inorganic. Rocks fall under the latter group and are perfect for desert landscapes. They are also incredibly durable, easy to maintain, and more cost-effective than organic mulches. Rocks are great for keeping weeds at bay and preventing soil erosion as well. The best landscape rocks to use for this project are gravel, but make sure not to pile it on too high.

Install Gabion Planters

Gabion planters are created by filling a steel cage with river rocks or other larges stones. Gabion planters can be constructed in a wide range of artistic shapes and sizes to add a touch of finesse to your yard. Some desert landscape ideas that incorporate gabion planters include building a retaining wall, privacy fence, hardscape seating, or raised garden.

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