Hardscape Ideas for Your Desert Home

Hardscape Ideas for Your Desert Home

by cuttingadmin, November 6, 2019

What are some excellent ways to use landscape materials in your yard to increase the amount that you use the area? Hardscaping is a good use of these materials because it creates designated spaces to set up focal points like seating and firepits. If you’re wondering what hardscaping is, it is human-made features in landscape architecture in contrast to vegetation.

Successful Hardscaping

There are cool uses for hardscaping like a fully developed outdoor kitchen and living room or a firepit. Whatever you decide, make sure that you do plenty of research to create a plan to achieve your hardscaping goals. Research helps make sure your landscape materials and design don’t fail within a few years.

Make sure you consider the whole landscape of your yard. Even if you are tackling just a small space, for now, it can change the flow of your existing design. Consulting a professional to create a plan for you allows you to think about future projects like a barbeque or patio. The worst would be to wing it, and then later discover the feature you installed is blocking another element you want to add.

Most importantly, make sure you plan for drainage issues because if you forget about it, all your hard work could be undone if your yard floods. By planning how your yard will drain with this new element also allows you to capture and use water.

Based on your vision, choose suitable materials. A good idea to avoid a monochromatic yard is to choose two or three elements that coordinate with each other along with your interior and exterior. Texture variety is essential as well to break up the design a bit; however, try to keep it within two texture types to avoid your yard looking messy.

Lastly, make sure to buy more than you need and adequately prepare your worksite. Buying extra material allows you to add small touches later that will flow with existing features. Proper preparation of your site will increase the longevity of your hardscaping. You don’t want to spend the money to install a patio or wall and then have it start sinking because you didn’t compact your base material well enough.

Benefits of Hardscaping

In our Southwestern climate, there are a lot of advantages of using quality landscape materials to create a beautiful hardscape. For starters, hardscaping means a set, low maintenance yard for years to come.

Low maintenance yards typically mean that they’re water-efficient, as well. You’ll decrease the amount of water you pour into your yard because you won’t have to worry about things like grass.

According to Realtor, hardscaping has the potential to increase the value of your home. You have created more entertainment square footage that a potential buyer can imagine seeing themselves in.

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