Spring into Spring with Yard Cleanup

Spring into Spring with Yard Cleanup

by cuttingadmin, March 5, 2020

Spring is the ideal time to focus on your backyard. The valley experiences temperatures that live in the 80s and substantially more daylight in which to enjoy the outdoors. Getting a head start on spring yard cleanup and maintenance will also allow more leisure time for hitting the trails, catching a Cactus League spring training game, or other seasonal events in the Phoenix metro area. You can even make installing landscape materials a family affair since most schools will soon be in recess for spring break.

Yard Cleanup Checklist


The first thing to check off your spring yard cleanup list is tidying your landscape and tackling weed growth. That applies whether you have a grass lawn or rock landscape. After donning gardening gloves, pick up any litter and other messes that may have been blown into your yard, before raking up any leaves and debris.

You’ll also want to sweep scattered rocks back into your yard and then rake the area for a uniform look. In areas that may be looking a little thin, purchase more landscaping rocks or grass seed and fertilizer. The best method for eliminating weeds is to pour boiling hot salt water on them. Landscape fabric and mulch provide an effective defense against weeds.

Garden Beds

Spruce up your garden beds with concrete curbing, fresh mulch, and spring-blooming annuals. Concrete curbing adds a physical barrier to the beds, while organic mulch protects the soil by providing it with much-needed nutrients. You will find these landscape materials and services readily available at Cutting Edge Curbing Sand & Rock.

Spring blooming annuals such as Arizona poppy, arroyo lupine, blanket flower, cheery red sage, and desert bluebell will paint your landscape in color without increasing your water bill. These annuals are drought tolerant, meaning they require minimal water to bloom. View additional low-water-use plants on the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association’s website.

Patios and Pathways

Whether indoors or out, it’s essential to have room to spread out, especially if you’ll be entertaining. There are plenty of ideas for creating outdoor living spaces such as extending existing patios with pavers, adding an outdoor kitchen with hardscape materials, and installing fire pits for relaxing evenings.

It would help if you also swept and cleaned patios and pathways. Replace worn patio furniture or cushions. Add outdoor ceiling fans and misters, so you remain comfortable throughout Arizona’s summer, which isn’t too far behind.

Landscape Materials

Cutting Edge Curbing Sand & Rock offers an extensive selection of landscape materials that you can take home today. If you have a specific landscape material in mind, we can assist you in finding those products. We have over 100 different decorative rock types on display in our design area as well.

Cutting Edge Curbing Sand & Rock provides Phoenix residents and commercial clients with competitively priced landscape materials such as rocks, boulders, pavers, and curbing that can be delivered straight to your door. Contact or visit us today to request a complimentary quote on landscaping materials.