Landscape Curbing to Define Your Garden Beds

Landscape Curbing to Define Your Garden Beds

by cuttingadmin, April 22, 2020

Landscape curbing can add texture, color, and shape to your landscape. Characterized by curving and straight lines, curbing can also make a backyard with limited space feel bigger by breaking up specific areas for different purposes, such as defining flower or vegetable garden beds. Additional applications include children’s play areas, along pathways or driveways, and around trees.

Separating lawns, trees, and other types of landscape materials is where landscape curbing shines. That is because it keeps mulch, gravel, and sand in place. It also makes sure that grass and flowers grow in their respective areas only. Finally, it can protect your flowers and vegetables from the mower or trimmer, subsequently reducing the time it takes to maintain your landscaping.

One of the most important reasons to choose landscape curbing over other edging products is its durability. It should last a lifetime with minimal maintenance required. Its longevity makes it an economical choice that is equally attractive and practical. Plus, hiring Cutting Edge Curbing to install it in the design of your choosing will help your house stand out.

Different Colors & Options

Before selecting a color and shape for landscape curbing, it is a good idea to consider any additional hardscaping, as well as your home’s exterior. The goal here is for all elements to complement one another. Look for colors that will provide a subtle contrast to existing or new landscape materials and plants, but that blends in with your home.

The standard for concrete colors is Davis Colors, and there are sixteen colors that you can choose from. Concrete stamping is an optional service. These colors ensure that you are provided with an attractive finish. In terms of shapes, Cutting Edge Curbing is pleased to offer several distinct forms, including Mower and Double Angle, so that you are provided with a design that will define your garden beds.

Phoenix’s Leading Landscape Curbing Contractor

Cutting Edge Curbing Sand & Rock offers extruded concrete borders, landscape curbing, that adds to the beauty of the landscaping design and acts as an effective root barrier. It also aids in reducing edging and trimming time. We offer curbing in several distinct shapes such as 6×4, Mower, Angle, Dome, and Double Angle.

There are several color and curve options that you can select from as well. Our company provides Phoenix residents and commercial clients with competitively priced landscaping materials such as rocks, boulders, and pavers that can be delivered straight to your project site. Contact us today for a quote on landscape curbing at (602) 353-1020.