Prepare Your Lawn for Overseeding

Prepare Your Lawn for Overseeding

by cuttingadmin, October 2, 2020

As many people prepare for the shorter days and colder weather of fall – not to mention Spooky Season since it is officially October – now is the time to begin the process of transitioning to cool-season grass using landscape materials.

Overseeding is the practice of spreading winter ryegrass, either annual or perennial, into existing turf to cost-effectively revive your lawn. It is especially ideal for valley residents looking to repair bare or brown spots and promote a rich green color grass.

Ideally, you should begin the process of overseeding in October, or when daytime temperatures consistently stay below 90°F. Preparing your existing turf is essential for ensuring a healthy lawn and improving your curb appeal.

Preparing Your Lawn

Two Weeks Before

Raise your mower’s height by 30 to 40 percent and decrease watering by 30 percent. Landscape materials, such as winter rye, are useful for correcting any existing problems such as bare or brown spots. In most situations, no extra steps are required.

One to Two Days Before

In Arizona, you should stop watering about three days before spreading winter rye to promote the seed to take root. Lower the mower 25 to 30 percent and leave the clippings. Lightly rake the soil to reduce thatch but take care not to scalp the area.

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