Spring into Action with These Landscape Materials

Spring into Action with These Landscape Materials

by cuttingadmin, March 8, 2021

Welcome spring’s arrival – the equinox falls on Saturday, March 20, 2021 – by readying your garden beds for a burst of color with concrete curbing and organic mulch. 

Concrete Curbing

Also known as landscape edging, concrete curbing is ideal for defining garden beds, tree rings, and other landscaped areas. It is an excellent solution for preventing seeds, mulch, and rock from being disturbed and keeping roots from growing outside the bed. It also reduces the risk of plant damage that may occur while mowing and edging the grass.

With several different design options available, including embedding decorative boulders, the curbing can be customized to be compatible with your landscape and architecture. While there are several colors to choose from, they are all earthy tones, as the goal is to allow annuals to paint the landscape in stunning shades during the springtime.

Concrete curbing offers many benefits, such as added curb appeal, minimal maintenance, and incredible durability. Typically, professionals require a whole day to create a trench into which to pour the materials, subsequently molding them into your desired shape. That may vary depending on the project’s scope and requirements.

Organic Garden Mulch

Both organic and inorganic mulch offers many benefits, including reducing pesky weeds and consequently weeding. Additional advantages include erosion protection, moisture conservation, soil temperature maintenance, and providing a “finished” look to your landscaping. Mulching also works to improve your property’s curb appeal.

However, of the two, organic mulch is the only material that slowly decomposes. Over time, as the mulch breaks down, it improves the soil’s condition by providing much-needed nutrients and beneficial organisms. Two attractive and practical options for organic mulch are shredded bark and wood chips.

The spring season provides the optimal time to add a generous layer – about three inches – of mulch to your vegetable or flower beds. The United States Department of Agriculture recommends waiting until the soil has warmed. According to the Arizona Cooperative Extension, acceptable levels for planting in Arizona occur annually during the first week of April.

Arizona’s Leading Landscape Supply Provider

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