How to Spend Time in the Outdoors Year ‘Round

How to Spend Time in the Outdoors Year ‘Round

by cuttingadmin, January 30, 2018

  Do the great outdoors beckon you? Perhaps you’re pining for the day you’ll be able to do laps in your swimming pool or lose yourself in good book while working on your tan lines? You’re not alone! However, there’s no need to wait until the dog days of summer … Continue reading

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How to Design a Low Maintenance Landscape

How to Design a Low Maintenance Landscape

by cuttingadmin, December 28, 2017

  Less is more. ~ Ludwig Mies van der Rohe ~ Minimalist landscaping is all about space and how it is used. Following the current trend for minimalism, it tends to combine a simple, restricted design with more traditional materials. Practically, minimalist landscaping is both low maintenance, and perfect for … Continue reading

Cozy Up Your Front Yard for Fall

by cuttingadmin, October 23, 2017

Autumn is one time of the year when decorating outdoors is just as important as it is inside to help you make the most of what nature already has on display. There’s no limit to the number of fall decorating ideas you can come up with for your Arizona home. … Continue reading

Fall Yard Cleanup Checklist

by cuttingadmin, September 5, 2017

It’s almost fall, which means the long-awaited season of chillier days, football watching and pumpkin everything is near. The changing of the seasons is almost always noticeable in our own landscapes, which requires a little fall yard cleanup before we can head indoors to snuggle under comfy throws, with a … Continue reading

The Best Mulch for Your Garden

by cuttingadmin, July 31, 2017

Mulch is a gardener’s best friend. It retains moisture in the soil, prevents soil erosion, inhibits weed growth, and enhances the beauty of your landscape. There are several options for mulch you should be aware of before you make your decision. You can choose between organic and inorganic mulches; each … Continue reading

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Pool Deck Design

by cuttingadmin, June 30, 2017

In Arizona, swimming pools can be enjoyed by homeowners for at least four months out of the calendar year; weather permitting. A big part of that enjoyment is the area around your swimming pool. Not only is it where everyone congregates while poolside, it also plays a key role in … Continue reading

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Project Idea: Outdoor Kitchen

by cuttingadmin, May 30, 2017

Transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis by designing an outdoor kitchen. Today’s outdoor kitchens are often much more elaborate than those of patios past. In fact, it’s not unusual to see gourmet appliances, oversized bars, wood-fire pizza ovens, and 4-burner built-in gas grills. Plumbing and electrical hookups make all … Continue reading

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What Can Hardscaping Do for You?

by cuttingadmin, April 23, 2017

Hardscaping refers to the inanimate or non-living features used in landscape architecture. It is one of two major subcategories of “landscaping.” The other being softscape. Done properly, hardscaping offers an element of beauty that can make the difference between mere satisfaction and total enjoyment of your outdoor living space, as … Continue reading

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Spring Landscaping Checklist

by cuttingadmin, March 23, 2017

Now that spring is here, and temperatures are rising, gardening and landscaping is on most people’s minds. Creating outdoor living spaces, adding pops of color, and/or whimsical pathways increases your home’s curb appeal like no other home improvement project. Here are four tips for getting your spring landscaping in tip-top … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Patio Materials

by cuttingadmin, February 23, 2017

There’s nothing quite like relaxing in your own backyard on a warm summer’s night, with a glass of homemade iced tea in hand, watching the kids play. A patio can only enhance this experience. When paired with comfy patio furniture, and a beautiful landscape or custom built swimming pool, the … Continue reading

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