Cutting Edge Curbing Sand and Rock is a proud distributor of Southwest Sod products. We have Mid-Iron Sod available for pickup at our yard or for delivery. Also available for delivery is Santa Ana, Tiff-way and Tifgreen.

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Often referred to as topsoil. We sell both general fill and screened fill dirt. General Fill is used in mounding to create hills or mounds under rock or grass to give more character to a landscape. It can contain some rocks, dirt clods or small debris. Screened Fill dirt is a “cleaner” dirt and is generally screened to contain 3/8” or smaller particles. Screened fill is good for filling holes in a landscape or as a base for new lawns.

Soil is used for a variety of landscaping and construction purposes. We offer organic mulch and sandy loam for planting of lawns, flowers, shrubs and trees, as well as general and screened fill dirt which can be used for mounding and sculpting your yard. Contact us today for Next Day Delivery on Landscaping Materials for your next project.



Artificial Turf

Please call (602) 353-1020 for more information on artificial turf availability.

  • Landscape Fill Dirt
  • Landscape Manure
  • Landscape Sod Mix
  • Landscape Top Soil
  • Landscape Mulch Mix
  • Landscape Garden Mix
  • Landscape Sandy Loam
  • Landscape Organic Mulch
  • Top Dressing
  • Xeriscape Materials
  • Landscape Soils & Soil Mixes
  • Landscape Weed Fabric
  • ABC Rock
  • Landscape Rock
  • Landscape Sand
  • Landscape Artificial Turf
  • Landscape Gravel
  • Landscape Granite
  • Landscape Rip Rap
  • Landscape Boulders
  • Landscape River Rock
  • Landscape Minus Material
  • Landscape Decorative Rock